PTS, inc. (Pragmatic Transparent Solutions inc.) is a medical equipment distribution and consulting firm based in Lebanon, with operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We’ve been there, with over forty years of experience in the Middle East, Levant, Far East, and Africa, we have developed a strategic system to accessing emerging markets and therefore allow any multinational to profitably, efficiently and inexpensively prosper in the region. Get to know more about Roger Aoun, Owner and Managing Director at PTS, Inc. (Biography)

About Us

With over forty years of experience in the medical equipment industry, we believe that there are strategic ways to access emerging markets that allow any multinational to profitably and efficiently prosper in the MENA region. We’ve succeeded where others have failed because we’ve seen it all.

Based on a solid network of relationships, we, at PTS, Inc. provide Pragmatic, Transparent management consulting and distribution Solutions. We partner with companies with strong unrealized potential in the medical supplies and equipment sector and guarantee long-term success in our area and region of expertise.

• Pragmatic process management: Focusing less on an idealistic vision of what may be possible, and more on what is practical and positively impacts your company’s bottom line.

• Transparent: Clear communication, honesty and accountability in everything we do.

• Sustainable long-term growth solutions: We believe in earning customer loyalty and in building long-term business relationships, growing only where there is a strong foundation for success.

• Professionalism: Beyond bureaucracy, we are a team of movers and shakers, our staff sets realistic expectations and works hard on exceeding them.

• Risk aware: Demystifying doing business in emerging and often challenging markets by transparently providing guarantees on payment, spreading risk across a generally politically unpredictable region, and selling more than one line of products.


Market Knowledge:
• We serve international emerging markets; and specialize in your company’s products.
• From our experience, we create the best opportunity for you and your products to successfully enter markets in the Middle East, Africa, Far East, and Europe.

Human Resources:
• We free you of the need to deal with numerous distributors either for marketing, customer service, order fulfillment, or sales management.
• We eliminate the added expenses that you may incur for hiring, training and managing a less qualified team of Regional Field Managers.
• We offer you peace of mind by knowing that your business is being handled by experienced professionals who specialize in the local markets.

Financial Management:
• We eliminate collections issues so that you do not have to deal with numerous small distributors.
• We guarantee that you get paid, and on time.

Distributorship Network:
• We represent a wide range of products from global companies and sell either directly or through our partners in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Levant.
• Master distributor with extensive experience in the region and the world.

Why PTS inc.

Established in the greater Beirut area of Lebanon, our offices and warehouse are located in Horsh Tabet, our distribution partners are across the Middle East and North Africa, and our staff is only a click away to answer any questions you may have.

Vertical Market solutions: Our efforts are directed towards the healthcare industry only; we use an integrated marketing approach to identify a target market for each of the products we represent, focusing on one client per specialty and sub specialty.

Cross selling capabilities: Our global network of surgeons, physicians, nurses, hospitals, and pharmacists and the wide variety of products we distribute allow us to promote and sell more than one line of products you manufacture.

Competitive Advantage: Having PTS, Inc. as a distributor or consultant, allows a manufacturer to penetrate the market on a large scale, with local knowledge and a professionally trained team.

Business acceleration specialists: Our network of medical practitioners, knowledgeable medical experts, reliable partners, and experienced staff catalyzes your business strategy fulfillment efforts by avoiding common mistakes that may handicap or slow your business’ growth.

Business Partner: We stand by our clients and work on growing together because the success every manufacturer we work with is also a reflection of our own.

Experience: Over 40 years in the industry, with a team consisting of alumni of large multinational medical companies, we are, just like you, in the business of making money. We know how, when, what, to who to sell in the region, and at what price.

Timely payment: We use proper credit control procedures and timely order execution, which is why we have established solid relationships in the local market that insure payment from the buyer occurs in a timely manner. We pass that perk on to you, by offering you the peace of mind in knowing that you are selling in a market with great potential and will be getting paid.

Reducing risk: We identify, assess, and mitigate the risks (political, financial, shipping, inventory management…etc) associated with selling your products in emerging markets, and together achieve long term success. We work with our partner MENA Strategies to design an enterprise risk management process that works for you.


PTS Inc. (Pragmatic Transparent Solutions Inc.) is a medical equipment distribution company based in Lebanon, with operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We are a young company with great growth potential and are looking to expand our existing team of experienced professionals to better support our growing business.

PTS Inc. prides itself for having high ethical and professional standards and for being a socially responsible corporation.